gravity is a bitch

The law of gravity states that what goes up must come down, life works this way as well. Yesterday we got the whole electricity debacle sorted out, well to an extent anyway – it turns out that the house hasn’t been registered with Eskom since 2007! That means there is about 3 1/2 years unaccounted for seeing as we only moved in there end of 2010. The lady we chatted to was amazing and put us on the list for power to go back on today BUT the catch is that A) we have to dock up a R2400 deposit (thankfully we get this back but still, not like I have this just laying around you know) and B) someone (NOT ME) has to take responsibility for the 3 and a bit years before we moved in.

Dear Landlord, I’d like you to meet Karma… she can be a real bitch if you don’t treat her right.

Now that’s sorted here is the “must come down” part of the tale: the loot I made at the after party last night coupled with the shoot I did yesterday was supposed to go to paying my phone and car but of course has now gone to Eksom, the minute I paid over the $ to Eskom CellC cut my phoneline… it’s like they just KNEW. But hey… not the first time in the past few months I’ve been phoneless so not a huge stresser. Was just starting to enjoy being back online though haha. Go figure…

Regardless, the good news is that we’ll have power again tonight and oh boy I can’t wait to have a nice hot shower and a pot of pasta :P

                                                                            It’s the small things…


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