Day 7

So it’s 01:30am making it day 7 of our no electricity plight. Why am I up at this hour? Well I wish I could say it’s because I’ve been out and just crawledinto bed or that I’ve had my nose stuck in a great book but alas, that is sadly not the case. You see, this summer heat coupled with our pond of a pool outside and living just up the way from the vlei means that we have those little blood sucking pests. The problem/s is that without power these effers roam free as A) no power means no fans and B)no power means no mozzie mats. If I was gatvol before I’m a whole new level of it now.

Dear Mr Landlord, you owe Fysh and I several good nights of sleep as well as a couple pints of blood…


4 thoughts on “Day 7

    • wish i could afford to! but i will NEVER find what i have for what i’m paying. a friend is busy going through the whole house hunt thing and when i listen to the ridiculous prices they want for just a 2 bedroom then i rather stay and put up with this crap.

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