Styrofoam cakes and compass roses

I don’t want to get my hopes up TOO high but I think the tides have finally turned. Eskom is sorted (for now – we now have to wait for the bill at the end of the month and then sort out what we owe VS what Mr Landlord owes) so we FINALLY have electricity again! Now just to get the geyser fixed (it keeps tripping the power when I switch it on) so that we have hot water and VOILA home will be home again :) Also… This is what the past week of stress has done – best diet ever haha»
I came through to Pentridge to get the transfer to Eskom etc sorted out as well as have a chat to a friend here that needs a cake baked for her son’s birthday party on Sunday and ended up sitting in class doodle the compass rose that I want to get as a “graduation gift” (I passed my Yachtmaster Ocean Theory but won’t get it done till I’ve racked up my sea miles and passed the practical) on my back.
Pretty much exactly what I want, now just need to think of colours and a better font for the quote (cause my handwriting here is horrid). The compass is offset 24 degrees as that is the Cape Town variation and the co-ordinates are Fysh’s exact birth place.

More awesome news is that every day is a day closer to that big project in Mozambique becoming a done deal… So we shall see. At least tonight Fysh and I can have that pot of pasta I’ve been craving! Although I’m quite enjoying reading by candle light…

Oh and guess what I found at pnp today »
PS – They still smell and taste the same!


7 thoughts on “Styrofoam cakes and compass roses

    • me? model a bikini? oh hells no!!! you can’t see all the stretch marks and flabby bits that are still there and strategically hidden under my pretty swallow top hahaha! plus my boobs are so big i can never find a bikini top that fits me :/

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