tented forts and candle roasted marshmallows

You know you’re a mom when the first thing you do the moment the power is back on is load the washing machine and boil the kettle for a cuppa!

I don’t know how many loads of washing I’ve done since realising that Eskom has finally put our power back on, it really amazes me how quickly washing piles up. I swear washing breeds over night and double’s itself while you sleep. But then again having washing is something to be thankful for right? As it means we are privileged enough to have enough clothing to pile up.

But the best part of last night wasn’t the fact that I could put the lights on, do the washing or finally make that veg curry I’ve been wanting. The best part of last night was Fysh telling me he wants to “camp” with mommy again.

See, my house is pretty large (still one of those original houses in the area so built to the point where even the “small” bedrooms can comfortably fit a king size bed and still have space between it and the walls and cupboard) so without power it is DARK, really really dark. And I hate the dark. So the past week we’ve been sleeping on Tin Tin’s bed in the lounge, but I turned it into a fort and had candles and all the pillows etc I could find and told Fysh we were camping.

Last night after dinner we put off all the lights and crawled into our “tent” and braaied marshmallows over the candles.
I love this brat so much! He teaches me daily that any given situation can be made into a good one.


3 thoughts on “tented forts and candle roasted marshmallows

    • i’ve managed to a few times… but lately fysh has hit that stage where he w\goes through at least 4 outfits a day when he’s at home. no idea why as usually when i see him about he’s naked :/ also don’t have a tumble dryer here so hoping the good weather holds up

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