Penguin Books SA launches e-books

Penguin Books South Africa is delighted to announce the completion of the first phase of our e-book roll out in which most of our titles have been made available as e-books. Going forward we will be releasing new titles in e-book format at the same time as their release in printed form. The bulk of our backlist, counting almost 200 titles, have now been published as e-books and, together with the new titles, are for sale through all major vendors inside and outside of South Africa, depending on which territorial rights we hold for each title.

While the first phase included only text-based books, such illustrated books as allow for suitable conversion for tablets, will be published as e-books during the next phase.

This is a significant stride forward for Penguin and the authors we publish in South Africa. In the greater world of books there is a growing consensus that the future of books will be a creative coexistence of printed and digital books, and the prospect of seeing our titles in digital format reach across the globe is the source of great excitement for us,” says Frederik de Jager, publisher for Penguin Books SA.

<< This news makes me happy! My favorite publishing house now selling ebooks (though it makes me a little sad at the same time as It’s sort of the nail in the coffin in my fear that books will one day no longer be printed, good thing though that no one is about to go burning the books that ARE printed so there will always be the opportunity to go out and find a good old paperback).

Some more great news: in celebration of their ebook launch Penguin books are giving one of their fans a chance to win an e-reader! all you have to do is head on over and like their facebook page then click on the tab labelled “win” and simply fill in your details :)

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