the hunt for really good fro-yo

In Cape Town if you want frozen yoghurt you go to Marcels (or so I thought). Ever since I can remember mum has taken us there as a “treat” every time we visited the mother city (I grew up in Namibia) and I sort of carried on the tradition with Fysh (when I can afford to) but recently I heard of a new Fro-Yo “king” opening up.

Twitter is one of those places where you hear things first. Someone on my timeline once joked that if twitter doesn’t know about it then it never happened. Well my wonder Jozi tweeple have been posting about their visits to Wakaberry for a while now so when I heard that one was opening up on Kloof street I made a mental note to go and try them out. I mean hello… who wouldn’t want to try out some red velvet fro-yo?! (the pumpkin pie and peanut butter ones on the website kinda sealed the deal for me actually)

It turns out that there is ANOTHER fro-yo bar on Kloof street (I think they started following me on twitter and that’s how I found them) called Myög (don’t ask me to say it out loud as am sure I get it completely wrong).
So with THREE places to choose from I decided to take Fysh on a “who makes the best fro-yo” adventure. Ice cream for dinner you say? He most definitely did not complain.

First we have Marcels. Trusty old Marcels… their prices are tourist based (being based in tourist hot spots) but their English toffee will always be my fail safe. It’s one of those places that are simply conveniently located and as I said, been going there for years. (It’s a loyalty thing.)

Then we headed off to Kloof street where I parked the car in the first available parking (not realising what a walk Kloof is with a toddler) and we made our mission up to 98 Kloof street. The home of the mother city Wakaberry.
It’s pretty and eye-catching, the décor is BRIGHT! And it’s super clean. How it works is fun (but dangerous for your wallet): self serve!

You grab a bowl from the wall, pick one (or all) of the 8 flavours available then you head on over to the toppings bar and pick any combination you like. Once you’re happy with your masterpiece you take it over to the till where they weigh it (here is the dangerous part) and charge you R11 per 100g. The thing is that it’s pricey, mainly because the bowl is HUGE and I’m sorry but I personally can’t judge weight all that well so you tend to get a O_o kind of moment when they weigh it. I had a vanilla and red velvet mix and Fysh had bubblegum.

Our verdict: Fysh ate the toppings and I ended up tossing the fro-yo (can you see my *happy* face) and turned his nose up at mine. I loved the vanilla! They aren’t artificially sweetened so it really was naturally (and healthily) yummy though I will admit I was disappointed with the red velvet, maybe the vanilla was too over powering but to me it was simply tasteless.

After Wakaberry we headed back down Kloof (still at a snail-pace as Fysh has stops to look at EVERYTHING new – not unlike a puppy) towards the car (and Myög).

First thing I noticed – the carpet! They have that artificial grass that places use under kids jungle gyms as a carpet. The hippy in me did a little happy dance and the aspie in me loved the feeling of it under my feet. Another thing is that unlike Wakaberry they don’t have the HUGE selection that has you umming and aahing for how long. You get two flavours to choose from: vanilla and the flavour of the week and the toppings are also limited and mostly fresh fruit! Too many choices get’s me into a huge fluster so this is perfect.

We decided on the flavour of the week which happened to be rooibos (next week it’s coconut) but because of what happened a few minutes earlier I opted not to get Fysh his own (you’ll see in the pic that he was given the tester tub). I mean how many kids would eat rooibos fro-yo anyway right? Wrong. Fysh finished off my entire fro-yo, I got all of a few spoonfuls and that was only after I had to pull a mean mommy stunt and take it away from him!

So in our opinion we give Myög the thumbs up over the Wakaberry craze and we say that Marcels will always be a fail-safe (particularly if I don’t feel like driving all the way to Kloof street). But that’s our opinion… go try them all out for yourself and then let me know what your decision is. (I still want to try out the pumpkin pie fro-yo when Wakaberry on Kloof finally stock it and of course when peanut butter is the flavour of the week at Myög I will SO be all over them)

5 thoughts on “the hunt for really good fro-yo

  1. Marcels has just opened in PE – I used to love going there when I lived in Cape Town. Hmmmm English Toffee – I had to have one here last week just to see if they were as good as I remembered.

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