a bit of fun at the waterfront

Some say that there is nothing FUN to do with the kids that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Well I would like to disagree!

Have you been to the V & A Waterfront lately? If you have then you’ll know that they FINALLY finished constructing the new food court, if you haven’t then you probably don’t know this and you also don’t know about the awesome new kids section that they’ve put up just outside the food court entrance.

I had no intentions of shopping or spending any loot (not after the fact that Vodacom has decided I owe them double and then some what I actually do) but Fysh insisted we go and visit uncles Avo and Byron on the boat. Their cruise was cancelled so we decided to head on over to see what all the fuss is about (I follow the Waterfront’s instagram profile) and we ended up spending almost 2 hours there!

It’s free to play, you just have to watch your kids yourself and obviously make sure they respect that it’s not theirs to break and (this is frigging important) make sure they don’t bully the other kids.

While Fysh was exploring the boat and the lighthouse I found refuge at the water feature, claimed one of the marble blocks as a seat and let my feet cool off in the water. Fysh saw this and took it as permission to swim…

I think I scored SO many brownie points! I might be a little off my rocker but hey, while all the other kids were looking sullen and throwing tantrums for being told NO my brat was having the time of his life. So what if he got soaking wet. It’s just water…

Just a tip though: don’t be a naana like me, put on sunscreen and take spare clothes with else you are going to end up looking like a lobster and you’ll have to go buy your brat a new set of clothes (thank heavens for PnP clothing!)


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