life is a balancing act

Today more than most has made me realise that life truly is a balancing act of crappy things and good. Sometimes it’s SO difficult to keep your chin up when things are going horribly wrong as it really does feel like the world is about to end.

Let me explain: the sailing school moved into Pentridge house August/September and we’ve been hassling them to get the place more “homey” than it is now… Do you think anyone listens? Of course not. But tomorrow some bigshot from the RYA is coming to examine TinTin and Shamus so of course all of a sudden it’s a rush to get the house on par.

So after dropping Fysh off this morning I made my way to builders warehouse with a budget and a plan – we start with one room and work our way through the house (of course the girls room got tackled first) – and a list of goods that we needed to accomplish said plan. An hour-ish later I was done and it was time to head to the school.

*insert first disaster here*
I literally paid for the goods, had them checked so the receipt could be security signed and took all of maybe 3 steps outside the door when the mirror snapped in half and shattered. for those who don’t know – and as TinTin lovingly pointed out – this means 7 years of bad sex (but then again I’m not getting any as is so I guess bad sex is better than no sex right?

It took about 45minutes of waiting but the poor lady at the goods return department FINALLY found a sympathetic manager (I mean hello, 7 years of bad sex is punishment enough) who said it was okay to swop the broken one for a fixed one. Then one of the staff even helped me carry it (and he even insisted on putting it in) to the car “to save you another 7 years” as he put it.

Things can’t get any worse right? I mean nothing worse than breaking a mirror? Wrong.

*insert second disaster*
On my way to the school (about a 20min drive on a stretch of very busy road with no place to stop, no garages on the way and most of it made up of highway and intersections) my “check engine” light comes on. I judge the distance from where I am to the school *less than 15 minutes drive* nah we’ll be okay and will check when there. 5 minutes later the thermo is showing my car is hot *no place to stop now, only 10 min or so we’ll make it* not even 5 minutes later I get to the robot at the CTICC interchange (for those of you who know cpt it’s that one that carries on straight to town or right to the waterfront) and my car cuts out. That’s it. DEAD!

I have a feeling I scared quite a few people today. It’s not my fault my car decided to die THERE! I put on hazards, lifted bonnet, did everything I could for people to realise they need to try go around me (a pain I know) but those who decided to stand behind me and hoot were subjected to a rather angry looking chick with wild (bad hair day) blue hair yelling “instead of fucking hooting at me why don’t you get out and help me you stupid fat lazy tosser?!” « Note, most probably weren’t fat but that’s what came out.

Eventually I had not one but TWO blue/white vehicles park behind me and I was about to let them have it as well when the guy assured me he just wanted to help get me and my car to the other side and out of harms way. Usually I can’t stand traffic cops and I think that in general they have a really bad rep but today I had a few prove me wrong. After the first 2 helped stop traffic and move my car another on a bike came to check up. About 5 minutes later another officer came to check if I had managed to get things sorted and actually stayed with me till we did.

*disaster number 3*
The state of my house right now.
Enough said.

So you see… I had some of the most awful things happen today and yet each one was counteracted with some amazing people helping me out. It’s all a balancing act and knowing which parts to concentrate on. Sometimes it’s really hard knowing “this too shall pass” when you’ve been stuck in the THIS for so long but just remember that it can’t rain forever…


3 thoughts on “life is a balancing act

  1. You crack me up, once again. ((You don’t really believe in that superstitious rubbish, I hope?!!! ))
    And there are lousy traffic cops, but there are even more really great ones – so glad you found the latter. I have to laugh thinking of you at the CTICC interchange – that spot is one of my worst nightmares, I just close my eyes and hope for the best when I have to navigate it :-)

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