a message from santa…

I’m still not feeling the whole “Christmas vibe” as of yet even though I’ve already got my bloggy secret santa gift and I am trying really hard to get the last gifts for the rest of the family (I didn’t plan on getting everyone a gift this year we were going to do a secret santa thing as well but of course that bust now I have to try and run around getting more. Not happy) and all that jazz but the sight and sound of the whole festive jollies still has me wanting to cry a little.

At the moment Fysh is really into “where’s wally” so have decided to hunt down a book or two for him. So far it’s proving to be a little harder to find wally books than I thought. Kind of ironic…

Anyway, a few years back (when my brother first started doubting that there was a Mr Clause) I found this really great website were you could type in details and it generated a ‘personal’ message from santa clause! I got an email from them this morning and though I haven’t used it in a while I just had to share.

They also have an awesome back end that shows what the elves are up to and answers some of those ever import questions such as:

How do Santa’s reindeer fly?
Reindeer can fly thanks to a magic lichen that can only grow here in the North Pole”, confirms Sanoma the spokes-elf. “The elves responsible for the reindeer (also called Holhoojas) are the only ones who know where this lichen grows and how to make the potion that activates its magical properties.” Reindeer must nevertheless follow a strict training program for several years if they hope to make the cut for the mythical Sleigh team. The various Santa Claus parades all over the world are sometimes used as training grounds for more advanced reindeer.

Does Santa get presents at Christmas?
“Oh… he gets a whole bunch,” says Sanoma the spokes-elf. “Every time a little boy or a little girl does something nice or kind, Santa gets a present. For him, the best Christmas presents are simple things that come straight from the heart.”

Does Santa have any pets?
“He sure does! There are all kinds of animals in the Village. Santa and Mrs. Claus take good care of them – they LOVE animals!

You can also follow Santa on Facebook and on Twitter and if you visit THIS site (hosted by the North American Aerospace Defense Command people…) you can track Santa’s progress and his trip so you know where in the world he is come December :) another awesome site is the Xmas countdown clock

This just makes me feel a bit more in the whole festive mood. I hope it does you as well.


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