distracted duck

I haven’t really been blogging as much as I used to or would like to for many reasons, the one most prominent one is that every time I sit down to actually blog I get that whole “I’ll do it later” feeling, or when I do something exciting I really do want to share I can’t add the photos as they are on my camera and I don’t have internet at home (still) so I have to wait and by then I sort of get over it.

I’m just making up excuses I know but I’m a very visual person so if I can’t post the photos I don’t see point in putting up the post. And I hate to back post so I usually just end up going “oh well” which is really bad as at the end of the day this is for Fysh, a diary he can look back on one day and see all our adventures.

Time to get my A into G and stop making excuses and get back into actually making a concerted effort to update our adventures and so on here and get myself OUT of this horrid “distracted duck” state I’ve been in the past week or two.

Want to know just how bad the distractions have been? I did a radio interview with Mommy Matters on 2 Oceans Vibe radio on Tuesday… I zoned out. TWICE!

The youtube video below was a song that Kathy chose to play between chats and I absolutely love it – LISTEN to the lyrics: Don’t kick the chair, it’s going to get better. Don’t kick the chair, it can only get better.

I also feel like the blog needs a BIG makeover. A HUGE one and not the sort of cheapie wordpress ones I’ve been faffing about with because none of them feel like ME so I am putting it out there to the universe that I would REALLY like a web/blog style makeover. I know I can do it myself but it’s the finances that are stopping me right now. 2013 will see us with a big update. I hope.


One thought on “distracted duck

  1. I know what you mean! This happens to me all the time with blogging, sometimes I’m really into it fun ideas lots of feedback.. then nothing! Especially if I’m busy in life then the blog takes a backseat and gets forgotten about for a few weeks! I hope you keep blogging, your posts are always good to read! Maybe a 2013 makeover is a good idea, let me know how you get on with it, sometimes I dunno where to start! Oh and Merry Christmas! xoxo

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