life on a whim

I’m not really a spontaneous person, I know it might seem like it but it’s all a ruse I tell you as I have to mentally instruct myself that XYZ is going to happen. It’s almost like my mind is made up of two little old ladies who are sit about knitting over a cup of tea but who are also forever bickering. It’s annoying really.

Well the one little old lady phoned up Av on Sunday and asked if he needed a lift home as we were already in town (Fysh had his very first casting – hold thumbs we get a call back!) and after mentioning he had a sunset cruise booked first Gladys (they may as well have names) decided to tell him we are on our way. Yay for Gladys and her friggin rash decisions because it had poor Eve in a flat spin…

Yes I just named my brain. Hush up.

Anyway, @tash_wen was in town fetching the little miss from the a-hole so phoned her and told her we are going sailing. Just like that. Unlike me I think Tash is okay with those rash sort of decisions seeing as it took her less than a second to agree.


Long story short… we ended up going sailing on Esperance in 40 odd knots of wind and I got SOAKED. The kids loved it bar for about 2 minutes of the journey where we dealt with the aftermath of a rogue wave soaking them…


Fysh is like me, we love getting wet but only if by choice. Other than that he was bounding about declaring “I am a sailor boy” hahahaha.



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