happy birthday @Myog_SA

Fysh and I did that whole “hunt for really good fro-yo” a few weeks back and found a little fro-yo joint that has become a place we frequent as often as we can (not often enough on a budget) so we (read as me) were delighted when we were sent an invite to help them celebrate their one year birthday anniversary do.MyogCollage3

This week’s flavor of the week was peanut butter and if you remember from last time it’s the week I’ve been so looking forward to! Unfortunately, being the chop that I am, I decided to bake the day before and make some peanutbutter cupcakes (hey, when the craving strikes you have to indulge it) for the clan (and sommer a few for the birthday celebrations) so obviously by the time we actually went to the event and indulged in some peanutbutter fro-yo both Fysh and I were pretty much peanutbuttered out already. MyogCollage2

Thankfully they always have plain vanilla (or it might be just unflavoured flavour, not certain) so we got to enjoy some very welcome cold sweetness during yesterday’s heatwave (like I mentioned before – I am NOT a summer child). I am scared to see the photos that were taken there… gah I hate photos and I hate them even more when I am strutting about in less than winter wear.

Anyway, point being that Fysh and I would like to wish the lovely little fro-yo joint on kloof street many more birthdays to celebrate and a huge thanks for letting us join in the fun :)



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