elves and lucky ladies

So 107 people took part in the bloggers secret santa that The Stiletto Mum arranged this year, myself being one of those 107 and I am super eager for my blogger to receive her gift!

The whole idea behind it is awesome, I mean lately all we get in the post is bills bills and more bills so getting a little something other than a bill is always a welcome treat, even more so when that gift has been thought out and made up just for you by a stranger. Even if it means they pretty much have to stalk your online persona to make up that perfect gift.

My gift is somewhere in the postal system at this moment and bewaar die siel of anyone who decides to play finders keepers other than the intended recipient.

Awesome news is that MY gift arrived! I think I know who it’s from… harassed mom? But I guess I’ll have to wait till the big reveal to find out if I’m right or not. Though I’m pretty sure I am… Because the note says from Laura and my sleuth skills showed only one Laura on the BSS list that Stiletto Mum put up…

I love it! It came wrapped up in brown paper and string so even the wrapping was a treat! Each gift is so me and it really is awesome as it just secures the fact that an effort was made.

I got notebooks… (now I don’t need to go buy any for 2013 woohoo!), pretty words to put on my photo wall and gorgeous little lighthouses (most people aren’t really aware of this though am sure I have mentioned it here and there, I grew up in lighthouses as my grandpa was a lighthouse keeper for 46 years), the little note that came with them is just as special (well the explanation on it).


And my favourite is the “you’re on my shit list”, I know she said it was a last minute addition but it seriously takes the cake and I so can’t wait to use it… am thinking of putting one on my neighbours door so they get the damn hint that I am not impressed by that yappy dog of theirs that keeps me awake all night!

Did you take part in the gift swap? Love what you got? Be nice to know :)wpid-sign-off.png


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