Cautiously excited

But say the title in the accent of that guy from despicable me :P

Tomorrow I drop Fysh off at his Aunty Mandi pretty early (then she drops him off at mums) and then have to get my bums down to granger bay to do pre-trip checks on Ingwe.
I’m nervous, excited and completely anxious about the whole affair, I haven’t been in a yacht (for an extended period) in a very long time so the thought of spending an entire week on it. All good though, I’ll step off with my skippers ticket! And maybe it’ll get me out this bleh slump I’ve been in.

So if the world really does dexide to end on the 21st I shall be spending my last day on a yacht with TinTin, Caroline and Rob. Best I pack in some booze!

The topic of Fysh in all of this has me a bit conflicted, in a way I’m really excited for the break, the longest I’ve been child-less since having him but at the same time I feel guilty for leaving him for so long. Guess thats the life of a mom hey?!

I’m not going to be able to blog at all while we’re out there BUT I have packed one of the notebooks I was gifted and a pen so I’ll document our days adventures/mishaps the old fashioned way and if when I’m back next weekend I’ll spam you with what we got up to, and bombard you with photos.

Wishing you all a very merry festive season, and (just in case we all go *poof* on friday) it has been a stunning time getting to know most of you. Love and light xxx

P.S. Personally I don’t believe that friday is the end of the world, an end to an era or a shift in energies and so on yes, but each to his own.


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