saltycracks and checkin cookin

Right, so I didn’t intend on blogging at all while I was on this little adventure of mine but I’ve been given the opportunity and decided to grab at it. We were supposed to moor at the RCYC tonight but the weather was too crap and the spot we got meant we’d get no sleep so we parked off at granger bay and came back to the school. But shhhh it’s a secret ;)

I can’t explain in words how absolutely brilliant today was. 4 of us on an L34 in a good few knots of wind but the fun started before we even left and headed out into the waters.
Firstly our ‘captain’ was hungover this morning so myself, deckhand and skip headed off to PnP to get the provisions for the week. Menu/list in hand we did really well and managed to get everything and still walk out with change. And a dog.

His name is Saltycracks and he’s a very loyal mascot!

The safety briefing took well over an hour (it should take 10 minutes) because every time Captain TinTin said something Skip and I would somehow turn it into a joke and deckhand would pipe up with something last minute.

We got soaked! Waves crash over a little L34 pretty easily but thankfully the weather was at that sort of temperature that the wet was welcomed and the ‘breeze’ dried us off pretty quickly. Poor deckhand nearly pooped himself though – picture sitting on a yacht with it leaning so much over that the stays are almost touching water…

Ending off the night at the school, this lady seems to have taken on the ‘galley bitch’ role as after making lunch I also ended up cooking. Thankfully TinTin dragged out the cane and lime and Skip just made us all coffee.

So far so good… let’s hope the next four days end up something similar. You’ll have to wait for photos though as TinTin’s friggin laptop comes out the stone age and doesn’t have an SD card reader…


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