days 2 and 3

Yesterday was ridiculous. Let me paint the picture:

No wind, calm waters, a yacht with 4 crew members.
We (deckhand, skip and I) were given instructions to plot a course to steer and make sure we kept at it as well as kept the logbook going, easily enough done. (Though at one point we had ourselves a little very confused).

Our destination? Clifton! Cold blue waters just begging to be dived into and a divine chicken salad for lunch. Clifton beach is great, but Clifton beach from the vantage of a yacht is even better. We swam till skip decided to bring up the shark topic… in 10m of water you can’t really see past your feet. I got out.

After doing a whole lot of MOB (man overboard drills) we decided to be brave and moored at the RCYC , with a bit of time to kill before our night sail skip and I headed to the showers and then detoured at the bar for French fry’s and a beer shandy before heading back. Seriously hit the spot.

I’ve gone on so many sunset cruises in the past year and yet I still feel awed when I am out on the water watching that sun go down and seeing it paint the skies pink and orange… add to that the berg wind that was about last night and all you really do feel like there is nowhere else in the world you would rather be.

Slept on the boat, not that big a deal really cept it got pretty cold and my little cupcake blanket was replaced by a sleeping bag at some point.

Today we were up at the crack of dawn, not sure why, simply couldn’t sleep.
Got the boat prepped and headed out for a sail. Brain is fried actually, not even sure how I’ve made it this far in my post to be honest. I completely zoned out a few times and at one point after lunch I was so close to crying out of frustration simply because I couldn’t remember a specific knot.

The thing is, even though we have a great time and Tin Tin makes sure we stop and have said great times (like today’s afternoon of halliard swinging) it’s tough, your body is constantly moving, working, healing, holding, pulling or doing SOMETHING. You never sit still. I’m fit (well fit-ish) but my body aches in places I didn’t know could ache. And I have bruises I can’t explain.

I might sound like I’m complaining but I’m not, this journey/adventure has been is incredible and I am loving every tiresome second of it. Though I miss Fysh terribly. I spoke to him this afternoon which was probably a bad idea as the moment he said “mommy I want you” in that real ‘I miss you’ laced tone I really nearly packed up my stuff and headed home.

Oh and on a side note… RIP to our poor saltycracks. He was such a good mascot. Till Tin Tin decided to knife through that is. He claims it was an accident. We claim murder.


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