roosters and star wars

There are a few stereotypes the movies have down to a T. The one being the parents coming home to the babysitter passed out on the sofa and the kids running ape shit. Oh wait, they never show that!

On the way home from mum last week I randomly bumped into an old friend (who was a best friend till I left for germany and he ended up dating my sister… Anyway…) And he sort of haphazardly facebooked me to join for breakfast this morning, plans didn’t work out so we decided on drinks instead.

I got fysh to bed just after 8 and headed through to beach front (where we used to hang out together as teens) for a drink or three. We pub crawled a bit, ran into our old barman from way back when and reminisced.

It really was one of those nights that were just needed. I felt like a kid out on a school night. Guess I was out on the adult equivalent.

Returned home to fysh standing at the gate waiting for me (he’d heard the car and come running out. None the less I nearly pooped myself). Seeing as grandpa is snoring away on the sofa I have no idea when he woke up but clearly they were watching star wars.

Thing is that I had my phone on me the whole time so Shamus could have phoned me to come home soon as the little blond mischief woke up, he didn’t though. How lucky am I to have a dad who understands I don’t get to go out and see friends often… I truly am blessed with such an amazing family!

Anyway, it’s after midnight. I’ll stop rambling now. Much loves xxx


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