an *awkward* parenting moment

I just had one of THE most awkward conversations of my entire life, with my stepdad of all people!
He starts it off with: because fysh doesn’t have a dad I feel I need to tell you this. *insert my over active imagine on overdrive*

After much beating around the bush: because fysh wasn’t circumcised I need to make sure he pulls the foreskin back when he goes to wee else it won’t stretch or something like that and he’ll need surgery when he’s older. (Turns out that even if they are circumcised they need to do this)

Right, well…

One of the joys of being an only parent is that I play both parent roles but of course not having a penis of my own I had absolutely no idea about this, makes me feel a little like a shitty parent for not researching all things… I think that I need to find a book written by a dad for a boy so that I can learn and make sure I’m not omitting any other uber important things that boys need to know and learn from their dads.

Fun times… now how the eff am I going to explain to a 3 year old how he should “properly” go to the loo… I aced the standing up part, this though… this is a little more daunting I’ll admit. Again the big difference between myself and a single parent shows up, at least a single parent the dad is still around to do this nitty gritty.

Any advice?!



5 thoughts on “an *awkward* parenting moment

  1. Oh this is a tough one. I personally had both my boys circumcised. Their Dad was done as was my Dad. I am old school and personally just find it totally unhygienic and was brought up to believe a non circumcised man was unclean. I would really struggle with a man that wasn’t. With regards to problems it all depends on how lazy the boys are when they are teens as to whether or not they have issues. To get Kenneth done in South Africa was not an issue, but to get Callum done in New Zealand was a mission. Somehow because of the whole PC nonsense that has invaded the world it is not longer the thing to do. This is a discussion that I have had to have with Jess with regards to Cooper. I am somewhat horrified that she has not had him done, but then his Dad is not done. With regards to pulling back the foreskin on circumcised boys I never had to do this with them. I know Jess has been researching the whole scenario so I shall ask her and get back to you.

    I would not stress over it too much. I would suggest speaking to your GP or Pediatrician. They are the best ones to speak to. You will get so much advice from “parents” that it could turn out to be even more confusing. :)

  2. being two moms there is no dad for us either. I’ve often thought of these things and how we will approach them with the boys.

    let me know if you find handy tips.

  3. My husband is around and I still had to teach my son how to do it himself. I also left it quite long as his skin only started pulling back not so long ago (he was 3 in July last year). I noticed one day that there was white stuff in his wee every time he sat on the potty. Oooh, cheesy!! What we do is when he baths, he pulls the skin back himself, I give it a quick wash with soap and then he sits down and rinses off before fixing the skin again. I have noticed that the skin has not come loose properly so I will probably take him to the paed sometime soon to get it checked out. I don’t get him to pull the skin back when going to the loo, only in the bath though.

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