gopro in the pool

A family friend bought himself a gopro but has to this day never used it, or if he has probably only once seeing it resides at mums house for the most part considering all the adventures she goes on (midlife crisis…).
I saw it laying here on her table, heard the kids splashing in the pool and decided to brave the frigid waters…

gopro1.1 gopro2.2 gopro3.3 gopro4.4 gopro5.5gopro6.6gopro7.7

Not too bad considering that there is no viewing the pics you sort of just aim and hope for the best. As far as I know you have to buy that viewing thing separate, actually you pretty much buy everything as add on to the camera which makes it a great “toy” but a rather costly one at the end of the day so not something I’ll get unless of course someone buys it for me. Though I do need to start looking into an underwater camera for Zanzibar.

Will see if I can get some better shots next week now that I know its reaction time better. Just not stupid brave enough to get back in the pool right now, plus after seeing photos of myself I’m not sure I ever want to go near a bathing suite again :(



3 thoughts on “gopro in the pool


    Hey gorgeous. A friend of mine here in OZ has just bought her son this for Christmas. I do not know how it compares to the original version. I had a play with it a few days ago and it is amazing. Cameron and Malcolm his Dad have taken some amazing surfing pics. Not sure how much it will be in South Africa but here it is retailing for just under $400. Not sure how it would compare with a professional underwater camera but it is a fun toy. :)

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