victor hotel foxtrot

First off – HUGE thank you to @reyv3004 who came to fetch Fysh at 08:00 and entertained him / put up with his crap / tolerated him for the whole day while I did my course.

I am slowly but surely collecting all the tickets and licences I need sailing wise and also doing a lot of prepping for all the instructors’ exams I’ll be doing for when we open the school in Zanzibar. My brain is loving it, I have this constant NEED to study and doing these courses is really fulfilling that need without breaking the bank seeing as I don’t need to pay for any of the courses (it benefits the school for me to have them as well as the fact that the course is being held anyway and I only join if there is a gap).

Each course brings with it new people to meet as I’ve done each and every one of them as I can slot in and not as a constant flow of courses like most of the students. The VHF course I did today was with a young Afrikaans couple. Sweet but *gag* love struck.

vhf exam

Happy to say I passed with 100%

RYA VHF course

So I can now tick off my dayskippers ticket, ship captains medical / safety at, my yachtmaster offshore theory and my VHF.

Last few to rack up will be my PB2 (powerboat), Radar, firefighting, diesel engine and yachmaster practical (this one I can only do after I rack up a few more miles). Then of course I have to go and do all the courses again to get my instructors tickets.

A few VHF funnies:

After the course shamus took me to Vascos for a celebratory beer! Love the little hole in the wall pub, it’s one of those that never changes (in a good way of course).

vasco da gamabest sailing instructor ever

And then I headed off to @reyv3004 for a braai, a beer and a damn decent burger. And to fetch fysh of course ahaha.

celebratory cupcake


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