111 days and 22 hours

20's party

It’s my birthday in 4 months. Again. But this time it’s my quarter century we are counting down to! 25 year young, 25 years on this planet… TWENTY FIVE YEARS! I feel a little old… or that my age is finally catching up to my mindset. Either way, I’m getting on in years.

Last year I had an amazing birthday, seriously one of the best since childhood, there was no party just a night out with some really special friends – it started off in a pub and it ended at a strip club. It was epic.

This year I’m 25, there is NO way I am going to ignore this one. I am going to party and party hard. Not sure what I want to do exactly yet BUT I do have a vague idea:

1920’s nautical “tea party” – think macaroons, cupcakes and pretty canapés; pearls and fascinators; flapper dresses and tuxedos, rum in tea cups and a live band playing some deep south rockabilly blues…

Where is it going to happen? Beats me but that’s what the night will be. I’ll provide a couple bottles of rum and food but people will just have to pay for anything else themselves. Sadly those are the financial times we’re in and am sure everyone will understand. One thing though… you don’t make an effort to dress up you don’t get no rum ;)

Really looking forward to it! Best I get to planning it now, at least the babysitter is booked (thanks mum).



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