welcome to the motherhood. once you’re in it you’re in it for good…

A friend of mine tagged me to a youtube video on FB and it was too good not to share. I laughed till I had tears in my eyes! Probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I sure as penguins eat fish loved it!

It’s a three-minute video of a mum rapping lyrical about the ordeals of motherhood – living in PJs for three months, eating cold fish fingers and faking orgasms. Complete with rousing hip-hop backing track and babe in arms, the mother-of-three sings of the lifestyle changes when you cross over into ‘The Motherhood’, the club that once you’re in, “you’re in for good”. “Wipe the sick off my coat, but the smell still lingers; gave up on real food, eat left-over fishfingers,” she laments, while her children dance as a makeshift posse in the background. Her song comments on swapping a sexy handbag for a ‘snot-stained sack’, being sleep deprived and under house arrest before joining a book club just to drink some wine…

It’s the motherhood, it’s another hood. I’d like to welcome you, but now you’re here for good. We go from nappy rash to stopping family feuds and i’m flooding up my timeline with my baby news. 

I think it’s the most “real” advert about motherhood I’ve seen in a while and I think that Fiat really hit a key spot with this one, but hey, watch it and decide for yourself…



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