we nearly died. in the rain.

On Wednesday Fysh and I (because the nanny is still in jozi and granny had other plans) headed through to Fish Hoek for a family shoot (not for us). Not having a phone doesn’t generally bother me but of course there are times when it is rather inconvenient, say perhaps when you reach tokai and the ominous clouds burst open and don’t stop their torrential downpour all the way to your clients house and you kinda just have to drive because you can’t really phone and discuss or plot.

Thankfully the Ferreira clan seem to have no fear of the rain (well all but C anyway) and decided that it perhaps it wasn’t raining in Simons Town so we should just go find a spot there to do their shoot. Just a bit of advice… if you ever happen to get into a real soccer mom looking Toyota – keep your foot on the clutch when you start it else it won’t start and you’ll have people trying to push-start the car for fear of a dead battery ;)

We headed up to the Redhill ruins and took a few shots there before the rain started up again and we all (5 kids and 2 adults) dashed back for the warmth and safety of the car – I say safety because I still laugh every time I think of C’s comment about the rain “we could have died!”


Attempt number 2 was done in Fish Hoek near some steps. Sunny Cove Steps to be precise. And it was much fun until yet again the clouds decided to open up on us. Another mad dash to the car…


This time we waited the rain out and simply stayed in the neighborhood, waiting for the rain to clear and then taking a walk to the park. What a clever idea… and the rain stayed away the whole time!


I get to meet a lot of people during my shoots and I’m very VERY pleased that out of all the years I’ve been capturing special moments I’ve only had one experience with really nasty clients. This family definitely goes on my awesome list! E is a creative genius and I think I might need to nab her up as an assistant for the next weddings , M is the cutest bloody chubby thing I’ve seen in forever even though for some reason I kept calling her “moose” instead of “mouse” and C kept me in stitches with his quips of dying in the rain. T and N were both so terribly camera shy, funny how the natural beauties tend to be.


Anyway, slowly getting back into actually taking bookings again and sort of wondering why I stopped in the first place.



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