she’s so gone

I ended up babysitting my brother and his friend yesterday afternoon while the parentals went who knows where… never leave tweens alone at home and all that. Not that they need a sitter seeing as they sit on the PC or WII the whole time but okay.

Lemonade Mouth came on Disney channel (I don’t have dstv at home so Fysh thinks it’s a real treat to watch the Disney channel at granny) and I quite liked it. One song in particular (other than the overly catchy “Determinate” which I STILL have stuck in my head) caught my attention: She’s so gone.

I suppose it’s one of those ultimate break-up songs really and if I have to pull a whole philosophical meaning etc I can say that the old me is singing it to the new me. Yeah, makes no sense to me either but it sounded smart. I like it though, we grow stronger with everything that happens to us, those that left us for whatever reasons lost out not us.

I dedicate this song to every ex out there. And to the old me while I’m at it.

Here I am. This is me.
And I’m stronger than you ever thought I’d be.
Are you shocked? Are you mad?
That you’re missing out on who I really am.
Now it looks like the joke’s on you ’cause the girl that you thought you knew…
She’s so gone. That’s so over now. She’s so gone. You won’t find her around.
You can look but you won’t see. The girl I used to be. ‘Cause she’s so gone.



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