When things won’t go right, go left

Today was one of those days that were adamant it wanted to be a bad day: I knew there was x amount in my account as I checked my balance two days ago so I headed to the atm to draw some $ to put diesel in my car (as the light came on as I left the house) only to be told “insufficient funds“. Pretty damn sure I cursed the poor machine in more than one language! Turns out my insurance decided to debit my account late this month (how kind of them) so I’m left with all of R12 chilling out in my account. BUT I remembered I hid R50 in my tab’s cover so I put in diesel anyway and headed to mum…

Plan was to spend the day there but as it turns out they were heading to ratanga for the day so that plan failed, told her what happened at the atm and asked if we could stay at her place anyway (dstv, wii, cars galore, a pool…) but instead I got handed some $ and told to take Fysh to the waterfront for a movie and the aquarium/boats/park whatever. So off to the waterfront we headed…

Parked up at the sailing academy and headed on down to numetro on a mission to see Zambezia (it was a toss up between Zambezia and Rise of the guardians but the latter has finished showing). R115 – that’s what they wanted to charge Fysh and I to see it. That’s just the tickets (with a clicks card discount) and nothing else. And then people ask why I get my movies from friends?! So no, we didn’t see the movie. Instead Fysh asked for a burger…

Decided on kfc as the kids meal toys are garfield and thats what he wanted, we stood in the queue and while placing the order the bugger kept telling me which garfield he wants. AFTER placing the order and paying for it the woman tells me they are out of toys… You don’t think she heard him or could have told me this before? And then she refuses to cancel the order and refund me. Fine, we grab our food and head outside…


This is where the whole day turns because despite the crappy start to a sunny cape town day I refused to let it continue or get me down. So I let Fysh play in the park for a little while I ate my salad (still on that mission) and then we walked to the aquarium.


One of the best xmas gifts ever I swear! I don’t think we could ever tire of the place, though am sure my instagram followers could ;)
I got asked if I work there and then told I should cause the kids love “the aunties mermaid hair” haha. If I could work there I would. Sadly not qualified to though and even though the kids love the hair I doubt the hiring people would. Still a nice thought though.







After the aquarium we went back to the academy as Shamus needed a lift to spar, while we waited though I scaled myself 3 seasons of Dr Who, Rise of the guardians as well as the new Jack Reacher movie which I’m excited to see as I read “killing floor” last year which was the first book in the Jack Reacher series.
Shamus decided to make schwarma’s for everyone at the academy but of course being on the mission I am there’s no meat/gluten/wheat/sugar/dairy in my eating (this is why I was told before in not as nice a way that I’m an inconvenience) so he made sure to pop a small salad in the trolley along with sunflower seeds.


There’s that whole “thoughts become things” and “positivity breeds positivity” trend that went around for a while after “The Secret” was released and my hippy new age mother has clinged to it like cooked rice on anything, for a long time I cried bullshit but this year I decided to give it a shot and you know what? I’m really starting to think it’s not bullshit at all. Plus it also helps to surround yourself with people who are positive and supportive.

At the end of the day everything worked out, we took the grumpy day and made it smile.
Hope yours smiled at you as well.


5 thoughts on “When things won’t go right, go left

  1. Movies are insane! I took the kids and I to Rise of the Guardians – R185 for the tickets!!!!! Plus then R120 for the kids popcorn pack for us all!!! Over R300 just for a movie – INSANE!!!!!!!!

    Also I know that “insufficient funds” feeling. Nedbank NEVER gets my balance right – so I check it and it says R100 but then I go pay or draw and suddenly some purchase from 2 days previously went off and I am in negative “blergh”

    • the movies are friggin ridiculous! then people wonder why i never go. hells bells man!
      the funds thing has been the way of life since i was retrenched in june last year so kinda used to it but sucks. will change it soon soon though. tired of it.

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