road tripping to the other side of the mountain

The nice thing about living in Cape Town is that you don’t actually need to leave to go on holiday, all you need to do is head to the other side of the mountain. It’s like a cross country road trip condensed into a few km’s! driving from our beach/mountain view this side of the mountain through the industrial/harbor of epping, the cities big and busty CBD on past the very aesthetic newlands and constantiaberg areas, over the breathtaking mountain pass and out to the other side.

Fysh and I were invited by the Ferreira clan to spend the day on their side of the mountain so we packed up a few things, put some diesel in the car and made the trip through to the other side for the day. Started the day off with N taking us to the Noordhoek Farm Village which was what originally prompted the thought of heading there.

The kids had a ball playing on the jungle gym and having their breakfast, sadly a little disappointed, with the name “farm village” I had ideas of animals the kids could pet and so on but that’s not the case at all. So long as the kids enjoyed it is what matters I suppose. noordhoek farm village

Then it was off to the beach! Now this was fun :) Fysh who is usually very hesitant when it comes to the beach was diving and splashing about even more than everyone else. Even M decided that she wanted to play in the little waves which was hilarious and near gave her big sister a MI! fysh splashing

ferreira clan

Spent the rest of the day chilling on the sofa watching movies and gossiping about all the chaos and hilarity happening on twitter and other blogs (there’s a lot of it going around). Pigged out on popcorn and a really yummy muesli salad (big thanks to N for catering for my vegan needs) while the kids munched on sweets from the farm village and pizza.

Sometimes we all need a bit of a break, a holiday of sorts. Thank you Ferreira clan for our mini holiday, Fysh and I had a great time!



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