December 2011 I bought Fysh his very first bicycle. I was proud because I’d saved up to get it for him, a gorgeous Lightning McQueen one for my cars obsessed toddler. He wasn’t really interested in it though as he was a little small so it was put away, when he eventually started riding bicycles we realised it had been stolen so December 2012 this mamma had to go and scrounge around for some $ to replace it, no McQueen one this time as it simply wasn’t in the budget but a great one regardless and he was so happy.

Last night we realised that this replacement bicycle has also been stolen. Right out of our backyard, from behind a 2m gate. I am livid, hurt, upset and angry but most of all I am disappointed. What sort of person scales into someone’s yard and thieves a child’s bicycle? I am supposed to feel proud of my country but how do you expect me to do that when everything I work my ass off for get’s stolen.

I am sick and tired of it, I can’t afford to replace it for a third time, hell even the second time was a stretch so what do I tell my son “Oh I’m sorry but someone saw fit to climb the gate and steal your bicycle”, how do you instill hope and respect into a child when they grow up with this? I hope that whoever stole it at least gave it to a child to make happy and didn’t sell it for tik money.


4 thoughts on “disappointed

  1. People suck! I am so sorry that happened, it is horrible. It is one thing when people steel our things, but a completely different hurt when they take from our children. May they fall asleep under a camel with post-nasal drip!

  2. I feel your pain. Dec brought the joyful gift of us lending our sons bicycle to our BIL’s friends kid from Dubai. We didn’t mind as we had bought our kids new bikes as they had outgrown theirs. Then my car was stolen. Joy. Then the BIL’s garage was robbed and said lent bike was gone too. We have thus reverted to putting all our bicycles in our home that are totally in our way. So yes I feel you pain. Strongs!

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