put that cupcake down

I want a scale like this. it's called "The YAY Scale"

I want a scale like this. it’s called “The YAY Scale”

This morning I did the thing most women dread – I got on the scale. *shock horror* how could she? Yeah yeah I know all the things you’re thinking, trust me I felt them this morning. That was until I actually got on, waited a few seconds and squinted down at the evil little numbers and what they would reveal. And boy oh boy did they reveal…

On January 7th mum and I decided to do that whole juice detox thing, well she decided and then begged me to join her so she didn’t suffer alone. A few days into it I decided that I would reattempt the “put down that cupcake” challenge I’ve been meaning to do every time I get a glimpse in the mirror or go to buy a new pair of jeans. It never happens but this time I decided to do things a little differently.

For years I was a vegetarian, 12 years actually, until I hooked up with the biodad and was told I’m an inconvenience. I put on 20kg’s after starting to eat meat again. I visited a biofeedback practitioner a while back and was told that my body doesn’t like being carnivorous, doesn’t like dairy and prefers not to have gluten and certain sugars either. Well seeing as the juice thing is just fruit and veg I decided to use it as a booster and go vegan. Well vegan-ish because I have decided that I still want to have some honey on the odd occasion.

It’s been two and a bit weeks since I made that decision/started the whole “adventure” and yes it’s been difficult. I am not vegan because I feel sorry for the animals (hells, I know the natural order of the food chain) I am vegan-ish because apparently my body prefers it. So the smell of steak still has me drooling and I WANT bread but I am determined and I am feeling GREAT. Even Fysh is fitting in with the change well, though I haven’t banned him from eating meat so he still gets it when he visits other and particularly when we braai at my parents.

It’s difficult when you go out or visit people as most don’t really know what to do or how to react when you tell them you’re vegan but I’ve stuck with it and as they say – after three weeks it becomes a habit. I think It’s already become that habit for me and it goes to show you can change if you’re willing to. Also it’s cut my grocery bill down to less than half!

And I am meds free and feeling great, minus the small bump in the road I had the other day, but then again 1 or 2 days out of 14 is not bad going considering. Next week I properly start pilates as well, it’s a study on the effect of pilates on relieving back pain so we’ll see how that goes. By April I’d like to be able to say that my body is healthy and pain/med free.

Oh yeah and what the scale revealed is that I am 6 kg’s down since I started. So hey, here’s to Zanzibar in a bikini!wpid-sign-off.png

12 thoughts on “put that cupcake down

    • and a well done to you as well it would seem!
      it’s difficult but i’ve learned it’s a decision you have to make and stick to and it’s not easy. but it’s definitely worth it. getting healthy for my son’s sake, he deserves a healthy mom to look after him :)

    • the dairy thing is easy for me as i grew up on soy milk. the gluten thing is my big issue cause i friggin LOVE pasta! i just remind myself that I always feel like crap after eating it so it’s really not worth it.

  1. wow FAN TAS TIC!!! you have worked very hard towards your goal, and now you are seeing and feeling the rewards of your efforts and self discipline. I am hugely impressed and inspired. You gonna be the new mommy model!! :-)

  2. That is awesome, well done! We are doing a Biggest Loser competition here at work but until 2 weeks ago I had not lost a thing. I have lost 2kg in the last 2 weeks and am now going to have to go flat out till the end date which is 1 March. It is also our 20 year anniversary that week and we are going to stay at a **gulp** naturalist colony for the weekend so some extra motivation!!

      • Yes, in Somerset West!! Well, we are booked and confirmed, I will have to report back afterwards. Time to get into shape!

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