a blog challenge for feb

So Love, Kids and other things and I have decided that for the month of February we’re going to be doing a blog challenge. We compiled a list of topics and I quickly put it together this morning. Sometimes I have a terrible time trying to think of things to blog about, some days it’s easy and Fysh and I have such great adventures to go on about but other times I want to tell Fysh things and I have no idea how so this might be perfect.

The topics are guidelines to help you get creative, get those blogging juices flowing again, to help you get to know who you are. You’ll see that the last topic is: What is your center? It comes from “The rise of the guardians” where Saint Nick tells Jack frost he needs to figure out who he is, what his center is and what it is that he brings to the world. Saint Nick’s is “wonder” and Jack’s is “fun”. Take February to figure out who you are, what you love, what you want and what your center is.

Join in, enjoy and most of all WRITE! If you’re going to join us then leave a comment so I can follow your blog and put you on the list of those joining in that I’m going to compile.

Feb blog challenge


29 thoughts on “a blog challenge for feb

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  9. Hi, just started following your blog recently and my bff also suggested I do this challenge to try get into the habit of blogging every day. Think it’s a really good idea, just hope I can keep it up! :)

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