i’m sure as hell not a perfect parent. but…

perfect mother recipeYesterday a friend of mine who blogs over at Like mother like daughter did a post titled “there is no such thing as a perfect mother” and then proceeded to write a list of things she does wrong or lets slide with her daughter.

I posted a question on my facebook the other day and thankfully realised I am not the only parent that let’s my child have a biscuit for breakfast because I am too lazy or in too much of a hurry to go make him breakfast… so here is my “why i’m not perfect” list…

Fysh, this might damage those rose colored glasses you wear around me but just to let you in on a little secret, the whips, masks and handcuffs in mommies drawer aren’t cause she’s superwoman ;)

  • Fysh mostly eats leftover’s sent home with me by my mum.
  • I let him eat raw two minute noodles when I am too lazy to cook and there are those days when he’ll have biscuits for breakfast.
  • He doesn’t wear underwear because, well, have you seen the price of kids underwear? Plus he always seems to take them off and loose them.
  • I let him pee in the garden.
  • I use angry birds, cars and phineas & ferb as a babysitter.
  • He’s 3 and still shares a bed with me and can’t fall asleep unless he’s holding my hand.
  • He’s never had a proper bedtime routine.
  • He has possession issues, I’m not really sure why though. He shares on occasion but very rarely with people his own age.
  • He doesn’t like people his own age and throws very frustrated little scream (those gruff frustrated ones) fits when they don’t listen to him like adults do.
  • I let him drink beer. Not that he gets his own can but he’s allowed to sip from grandpa or someone.
  • He’s rude and ignores people he doesn’t know. Though I think this could be a great thing as well.

In general he is a brilliant kid who is kind and independent, smart and well behaved for his age, the kind of kid who I can take shopping and doesn’t throw a tantrum for everything he sees, he’s the kid that understands mommy can’t afford it so maybe next time and he loves unconditionally and forgives in a heartbeat. So despite my parental short comings I must be doing something right…


7 thoughts on “i’m sure as hell not a perfect parent. but…

  1. I don’t think anybody can say that they do everything perfectly and if they do say they are then they are lying.

    Little OL also eats raw 2 minute noodles. She likes them and throws quite a fuss if I try and cook them.

  2. Rather a biscuit for breakfast than nothing. Sometimes I have biscuits myself. I know a little girl who had a taste of beer when she was 4 days old (on the tip of her dad’s finger), slept with her mother until she was 14 (and still occasionally does), and also used to pee in the garden. (She stopped that recently hahaha)
    They all turn out okay in the end.

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