prepping for feb…

So February is going to be a month of challenges for me and this bloggity! I’ve decided that it’s a short month so it needs some extra loves. Particularly as I’ll be spending another anti-independence day alone, oh how I dislike February 14th. It’s not like I need someone to buy me chocolates and flowers, hell I don’t eat chocolate and flowers die, it’s just that those who are in relationships tend to sort of give you those pity party looks. Hate those in general and it’s even worse on that one day.

Anyway, so the following challenges will be taking place for me this month:

  • The February blog challenge – I hope you’re joining in!
  • The February photo a day challenge on Instagram (via @fatmumslim) – I never seem to make it more than a week.
  • And then the Fab ab February challenge – I tried this last year and bailed after day 3.
  • Also Friday is the first real day of the UCT pilates study program that I am a part of – the effects (hopefully positive) that pilates have on back pain.

Really hoping that this month also brings with it a bit of better finances and so on, but I’ll update you on all the challenges the end of feb. And this time I’ll actually take a before photo so that I can put it next to an after photo… really wishing I had done one when I started this whole thing, maybe I would be feeling a little more motivated if I could see a photo from now and then, everyone tells me they can see it but I can’t.

And because I’m feeling a little unmotivated today (and maybe you are as well) here’s a quote to help:do it for


3 thoughts on “prepping for feb…

  1. Hey! I’ve been reading your blog for a few mo thd and followed last night :) it’s brill. I’m on Instagram just done the whole of jan first time EVER! So I’m ready for feb ! I shall join you with your ab challenge too! X

  2. Why don’t you get some friends together who don’t have partners for Valentines and organise a BRING AND SHARE evenin. Do some crazy things and let your hair down and enjoy yourselves. You don’t need a bf to have fun. I enjoy your blog!

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