yes ma’am…

i want a country boyI have what you could call a rather ridiculous obsession interest in all things country. I am adamant that I was born and raised in the wrong part of the world. Sure thing I am at home on the ocean but hells if I had my way I’d move to the south in a heartbeat.

Give me cowboy boots, country music, big trucks and men that say ma’am and you will have one VERY happy cupcake that’s for sure. Shamus raised me pretty much like what any southern girl would have been raised – I can hunt and fish, drive trucks and have no fear of getting a little dirty. He always jokes that I should email the president and demand he give me a greencard so that I can go home.

I have no idea where how and why I feel the need to be there I just do. It’s weird I know, most people want to run off to Ireland or somewhere pretty and arty in Europe. Yeah, been there done. Wasn’t really for me, yes it’s pretty but it’s not where my heart lies.

Fysh, if your mother has her way we’ll be there within the next 10 years. Just a heads up.

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