Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood

2 febThis is tough as I think my whole life is made up of significant moments. Everything leads you to where you need to be or where you are right now right?
But seeing as I have to pick 3 for this challenge I’ll take these:

The day I learned that reindeer poop chocolate covered raisins – age 5ish
The first few years of my life (well from the time I can remember) we spent the holiday season with my grandparents who went ALL OUT every christmas. A giant tree, always a real one, decorated to the nines with everything we could find – even a little mirror and brush for the christmas faeries. We always made fresh biscuits for santa that we got to decorate and put out with some milk. 5l buckets were put outside (they lived at the lighthouse so had a large lawn) along with carrots for the reindeer.

In the mornings right before sunrise my sister and I would rush into the lounge and see if santa had been then rush back into the room to get our stockings and then jump granny and grampa awake. Open the little stocking fillers till eventually our parents woke up and we could all move to the lounge. After gifts were opened it’s usually time to start cooking which means getting the kids the hell out of the way – this is when someone takes us outside to bring the buckets of water back inside. So it turns out that reindeers poop chocolate covered raisins… it’s one way to keep kids entertained.

The day my mother left – age 11ish
My mom had already been seeing a few other people while my dad was out at sea, even though I was blissfully unaware/ignorant of what was going on. I remember my mother packing up my room, I walked in and told her I had decided to stay with my dad. The look she gave me will forever stick with me.

The day those two pink lines showed up – age 20sh
I’ll never forget it, most of the day is a blur and things happened really fast but it was a marking point. It was the day everything changed. I remember a myriad of emotions going through my head. I wanted to laugh, cry and most of all I didn’t want to believe it was real. This is was the last day of my childhood.


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