your dream house

I’m conflicted on this one really as I have a few ideas of that I think would be my dream home, I’m assuming “dream home” would be the home you ultimately want, the one you would retire in. It’s a tough call but I guess I can’t exactly retire in a tree house or an underwater castle so even though that would be frigging awesome I don’t suppose I could really pick either of those.

3 febMy dream home would be a yacht. A beautiful little L34 or even a 36ft catamaran. Nothing huge or Princess like, just something I could sail from island to island, country to country. Perhaps the catamaran is a bit of a better idea seeing as the L34 would make crossing the Atlantic a bit of a tough one. And just to piss Shamus off she’d be decked out with pink interior and pink sails (though this would most likely start to piss me off after a while as well so maybe not.)

As for picking a land-lovers home I think my tastes are just as simple really.
A largish open plan kitchen with an island that houses a big stove for baking as well as a window that overlooks a grassy front lawn lined with pretty flowers. Picture a log cabin combined with your “all American home” with wrap-around porch and rocking chairs and you pretty much have an idea of what I want. But it must be on an island.

To me a home is the thing that you go to at the end of the day to sleep. And when you close your eyes everything looks the same any way so in my opinion there is no need for a giant castle of a house. Just something cozy for Fysh and I to go to at the end of the day, to spend a little time in now and then on a weekend. I always feel lazy when I’m at home so we don’t ever spend much time in it anyway though, unless of course home is a yacht. That’s a different story.

All I can tell you is that when I finally find the home I am going to settle down in it’s going to be bright and cheery. It’s going to be mine. And it’s going to have a bright red front door and a library bigger than the grand canyon!


3 thoughts on “your dream house

  1. Lovely :)) We have bookcases filled with books and I love it :) I can declutter everything and anything except the books!

    • I have to start getting rid of a lot of stuff for the move to Zanzibar, dreading having to sort through my books! when I moved back from Germany I had all my books shipped down with me hahahaha.

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