First day of Grade 00

first day of school 3Today was Fysh’s very first day at school, a real school. His first day in grade 00.

For the past week and even more so over the weekend we’ve been getting him excited for his first day, that he’s going to big school just like his uncle Rudi (who he idolizes  and all the way there in the car this morning he was telling me about how he’s now a big boy and he’s “so cited mommy” to go to school.

We took some first day of school photos. Well as many as he would let me anyway… which is all of three. Then it was time to go inside and drop him off. Things started going a little pear shape when he asked to play in the sandpit and the answer was no we must find the teacher first…

I don’t know how I managed to wait till I got into the car before I started bawling my eyes out.
Soon as he realised there were other kids his age in the class and he was being left with them world war 3 took hold. He clung to me, arms and legs a vice grip. His teacher had to peel a kicking, screaming and crying Fysh off of me and then demanded I run.

I can still see that agonized little tear streaked face.
I hate school.



10 thoughts on “First day of Grade 00

  1. It sucks – I was pretty lucky last year. This year however she is not keen, I think its because I have to walk her to her class, last year they fetched her from the car. Now I find the best thing to do is dump in teachers arms and run. This mornig I had the clinging to my leg, snot and tears as wel not cool.

  2. Oh it’s tough, but it takes them time to adjust sometimes. Maybe this afternoon he will be all excited, and then good so. Maybe not and in that case, keep going. It takes them about a month or so to adjust

  3. My one twin has taken to school like a duck to water. The other, not so much. It is hard to leave them when they cry and feel so unsure. Sucks, just bloody sucks!

  4. I feel for you. My boy started school last year Feb and it was a really tough year. He started in the potty training class and did not like either of the teachers. He cried (also had to peel him off me) for months on end. I was getting really despondent and then he moved to the next class and gradually things improved, especially when they let them watch TV in the morning. This year they all moved up again and I thought we had gone right back to square one but luckily things have improved and he is much happier now. I really hope Fysh settles sooner than Mitchell did.

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