name one brand of clothing that best describes your style

5 febI don’t really have a specific brand of clothing that describes me, mainly because I don’t really like brand names and can’t actually afford them and also because the past few years my wardrobe has mostly consisted of cheap tights or jeans and loose shirts or hoodies because they cover up the bad parts and show off the good ones for the most part.

I do really love skirts though, those long flowing, layered and hippy style skirts but I haven’t really been wearing my collection of them for a long time because you sort of need a skinny upper body to pull off a skirt nicely (wear a puffy top with a puffy bottom and you just look like a marshmallow).

My favorites are those homemade skirts you get at markets or the ones you can find at SKA. Maybe I’ll be able to wear them again at some point. Then again when you’re an only parent on a barely there income you make do with whatever you have. Can’t remember the last time I bought something new to wear… maybe I’ll ask people to sponsor some $ on my birthday that can go towards a new wardrobe.


4 thoughts on “name one brand of clothing that best describes your style

  1. I also don’t wear brands – and my clothes must generally be plain. As in a plain t shirt or a plain white shirt. I am trying to change this though.

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