RHCP cape town

There are some frigging amazing people out there! Love, kids and other things are one of those people.
Last week she sent me a message asking me if I had a sitter for Tuesday, um… why would I need a sitter I ask? Well because she has two tickets to RHCP with my name on it if I want them. *dies* YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

I Took Tin Tin with, not because I was short of people who would have happily accompanied me but because he was the one of the lot I knew would appreciate it most. Considering the hugs and thank you’s I’ve been getting I know I made the right choice. Trust him to wear  a Led Zeppelin shirt to a RHCP concert though…


We met with N and her hubby at Rapsody’s for a beer before heading back to the academy for a few whiskey’s (yes I cheated on my diet with booze. Shut up okay, I am certain I danced/ran most of it off during the course of the evening) before joining the masses in the wait for entrance.2



The plan was to get beer and then find a spot to stay in. That never happened though as we befriended a couple behind us and Tin Tin and the guy missioned off to draw more money for more beer, somehow Tin Tin found us among all the people and Coral and I decided it can’t be THAT hard so they could stay and we’d go as we needed the bathroom. Big mistake. We lost them. Queue Tin Tin and his uber creepy superpower of finding me though because in the dark with the band playing and among thousands of people that’s what he did. Again.
Creepy right? I’m certain he put a little tracker in my pocket without my consent.



They were good, not great. Could have used some of that entertainment that I saw of them in Germany, but I heard that the front man was ill and vomiting between songs, who know’s if it’s true but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, they were just having an off night.



Regardless… I still enjoyed the night immensely and some how ended up pretty damn close to the stage. Though I don’t remember when and how!

Huge thank you again to N for making it possible.

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