power up!

Yesterday I made my way into town with the intentions of getting my radar ticket and ended up lucky enough to join the power boat licence course instead! See I get to attend all the courses gratis so long as there is an opening in one, the PB courses are always full and rarely have a slot open so when I got told this one did the heavens may as well have opened up and the angels descended…

gemini and stingray

Thursday was my very first day behind the wheel of a power boat and then the instructor tells me to go dock it… um yeah, about that. I blamed my short comings on the fact that I was the only girl among 6 deck bitches – a deck bitch / deck bling is the kind of guy that goes overseas to do the skivvy work, he’s the hot guy who doesn’t seem to own a shirt and does the crappy jobs like clean the decks and drive the tender. I had 3 on board my boat and then the other 3 were on Gemini (max of 4 people per duck).

future deck bitches

Today was better, I showed those boys that women can dock a boat better than any man!
We got to play with dolphins in granger bay, were visited by seals and even a sunfish (rather rare that they come up so close to the boat). Did half a million man overboard drills and various towing drills. sea critters

I have also realised why power boats are so sexy… hot damn but speed does funny things to your hormones, that being said though I am a rag bitch at heart. Give me sails and I’m happy!

And the best thing is – I passed.

That’s another ticket to add to my growing collection… next up is radar, advanced powerboat and diesel engine.

Roll on Zanzibar!


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