What a week!

I’m here I’m here, I haven’t died. Not yet anyway.
What a week I tell you!

Quick summary:
Monday – Fysh’s first day of school and my new ink
Tuesday – RCHP live in cpt
Wednesday – Running around cpt getting all the things sorted for my little sideline venture (pray it makes some $ please, am desperate)
Thursday – Day one of my power boat course.
Friday – Day two of my powerboat course and a mini pre-wedding shoot.
Today – A trip up the coast to paternoster for J’s 4th birthday and then into townto fetch Che’
Tomorrow – A shoot for Annabella Maternity wear

Yeah… It’s been a hell of a week!
I’ll do back posts on monday for each event – prepare to be blogpost spammed!
For some reason Ispaced on scheduling posts for this week (the feb blog challenge) so I’ll get those up as well.
Hope everyone has had a brilliant week and that those in cpt are enjoying the cooler weather this weekend. I know I am!!!


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