your death-row meal

11 febFirstly let me just say that I really hope I never end up having to actually make this decision! So, what would I like to eat? Maybe something I’m deathly allergic to so that I can die in my cell instead of in front of those sadists that come to watch you die.

But seeing as I’m not allergic enough to anything to die from it (other than bullets, sharp objects, busses etc) I think my death bed meal would be a rare steak seared on the flames with a homemade sweet mustard, sauerkraut and roast potatoes followed by a stack of funfetti flapjacks.

In real life all this would make me horribly ill and feel sick for days BUT seeing as I’ll be put to death shortly after my meal what difference does it make right?

Mmm… what I would do for a good roast potato right now.

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