international pancake day

Pancake CollageI found out it’s international pancake day and decided we needed to participate.
My instagram timeline was flooded with photos of participants… pancakes galore and I’ll be damned if Fysh and I didn’t get to have pancakes for dinner but this vegan thing makes these sort of things tricky…

A while back I found the Orgran range which is gluten free and vegan friendly!
Got all my ingredients together so Fysh and I could bake, he decided to watch Ice Age and colour in instead so mummy was left to do the baking for a change.

Yeah… there are some things that will take my tastebuds a while to get used to. Buckwheat vegan pancakes are one of those things hahaha!
Next time we’ll make pumpkin flapjacks/fritters instead…


4 thoughts on “international pancake day

  1. I’m not a fan of buckwheat. It has an overwhelming flavour. I find a combination of potato flour, corn flour, chickpea flour and rice flour works well.

    Good luck for next time.

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