because I’m awesome like that

So this momma got creative yesterday and decided that it would be a good idea to bake heart shaped biscuits to send with Fysh to school. Cause I’m the super cool mom you know, the one that other moms love to hate cause I do thoughtful things like send each kid (and teacher) a little something special on valentines day…

Plus Fysh just adores baking so hells, why not :)36636_10151288289772175_1185096448_nbaking404782_10151288420537175_1323845069_n

Turns out I made a little more work for myself than I thought, by the time the last card was cut out and the last cookie was painted and bagged I was more than relieved. It’s a good thing that the next holiday is a good two months away ;)582786_10151289416697175_1504312999_n

Oh right, and for those of you who would like the recipe:



9 thoughts on “because I’m awesome like that

  1. Those look so cool!

    Do the rise a lot?

    Im looking for a recipe that I can use with my Yuppiechef Letterpress set, it needs to be a biscuit that doesnt rise and retains it shape.

    • nope they barely rise. just don’t you self raising flour when rolling out like i did cause they they do rise a little bit. you can make them fairly thin as well, noticed the thinner you make them the less they rise. it’s a stunning recipe :)

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