from hogsmead with love…

butterbeerIt’s that wonderful hallmark holiday today, you know the one – it’s that one that rubs it in your face that you’re single and have to buy your own flowers. Not that I want flowers seeing as they keel over after a few days anyway but you get the point. And on that note… I need a drink!

Decided to google a few cocktails and came across this list of unusual cocktails and drinks for you adventurous drinkers out there. Damn I could do with one of those Toblerone’s right about now. But seeing as that it’s in the middle of the morning and this mommy is at work we’ll have to find a non-alcoholic drink for this month of love…

So what non alcoholic drink can I conjure up? Well how’s about some good old butter beer?! With beer in the title perhaps I can trick my brain into thinking there is some booze in it ;)

The recipe is simple actually and if I can ace it so can you!
So the recipe I found calls to use cream soda but with the South African cream soda being green I decided to first make a batch of home-made cream soda, plus we don’t get butter imitation here (well none that I could find) so I had to go the clarified butter root.

The recipes: Homemade Vanilla Cream Soda and of course Homemade Butterbeer

Serve immediately with some heart shaped biscuits and you and your little ones can sit back and enjoy a drink. I feel like I’m in Hogsmead ;)



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