a movie that made you cry

15 feb

I’m a frigging wuss I tell you, I cry in a LOT of movies. Most movies actually, think I’ve even cried in a horror before so this isn’t the easiest question to answer.
Some of my favourite tearjerker’s though:

  • Life as a house
  • The green mile
  • Pay it forward
  • The bucket list
  • Dead poets society
  • Dreamer
  • The blind side
  • Any Nicholas Sparks novel turned movie (walk to remember, dear john, the vow, the last song, safe haven…)
  • And probably the oddest: Harry Potter. I will cry every single time Sirius, Dumbledore or Dobbie die.

7 thoughts on “a movie that made you cry

  1. I have cried in a few but the one that had me going for HOURS was Dead Poets Society. But hell, I cried in Macgyver when I was younger.

  2. Life as a House is amazing, I have it on DVD. My oddest makes-me-cry movie is The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. I watched it during my first major break-up, sobbed my way through. Which had more to do with heartbreak than the movie, but now every time I watch it (which isn’t often and not in the last two years) I start crying again. Like weird muscle memory or something.

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