bliss in the mundane

Sat at home feeling antsy and the dire need to get OUT before I killed something or someone, things are a little tense around the house at the moment but then again with 7 people (long story) living in it I guess it’s sort of inevitable that chaos would strike every so often.

We live in the view so what’s the cheapest thing to do? Go to the beach of course…beach beachfeet beachicecream beachrun

Spent 2 hours just jumping in waves, dodging seaweed and eating ice cream. Bliss.
Then we packed everything into the car and headed across to the little rock island (the one in big bay), more like waded across as the tide wasn’t completely out, and inspected all the different little rockpools.beachfysh beachpools

I adore this city! Going to miss it and all it’s beautiful little details when we leave.wpid-sign-off.png


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