1 down, 99 to go

Well maybe not a full 99 seeing as we’ve had a few beanies pledged but for now there is one in my hand and only those I can physically touch will count.

My great-grandma donated some wool and old patterns to the cause and I’ve roped in all my housemates. All bar the kids. Yup, even the gentleman housemate is currently knitting – albeit slow and holey but knitting!wool and patterns

I feel like an old woman at night, sitting with my knitting and my tea and a movie. But it’s fun.knitting like an old lady

I tried to crochet but um… that was somewhat of a major fail. Not the crocheting part, turns out that I’m okay with but the reading a crochet pattern… not as easy as reading a knitting pattern. Hoping to go visit my gran in the new week for a few lessons.

For those who keep asking me for patterns, here are a few of the ones I’ll be trying out over the next few beanies (decided to try a few patterns till I find my favourite and also so I don’t get bored) and once I learn to read that greek that is a crochet pattern.

Oh and here is my finished beanie! It’s a dead plain pattern and quick and simple to knit. Thinking of using it a few more times and just making flowers and things to put onto it to make it a little less plain. easy beanie pattern

One thought on “1 down, 99 to go

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