a yellow and white affair

So I skipped the whole “my dream wedding” blog challenge because in all honesty I really don’t see a wedding in the cards for me at all. And not cause I’m a synic, I’m sure that I’ll meet someone one day who I’ll grow old with (at least I hope I do) but weddings, the whole institute of marriage… it’s not for me.

Though if I had the chance I’d be a wedding planner, I’ll plan other people’s big day. Just not my own. I have a pinterest board of things I like because lets face it, weddings are pretty… I gave my parents a grandkid, my sister will be giving them the wedding next year.

Like this one that I attended yesterday. The bride and groom have known each other for many years and their story is one of those fairy tale types included in it is a wicked ex wife and two step kids but in this case the bride is not wicked, in fact every so often (particularly in my line of work) I come across a couple who make me truly believe that every soul has it’s mate. These two got a little side tracked by life but they seem to have finally realized where they belong.

Thank you to L and R for inviting me to capture such a special day. It was beautiful and I can’t wait for the “trash the dress” session next week! Now I have about a thousand photos to edit through… and that’s not over exaggerating either.

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Also a HUGE thank you to my mom who played babysitter yet again. I really don’t know what I would do without her or how I am going to manage being so far away from her again when we move. Love you mom x


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