party theme terrors

partyWe have the same thing every year, well every year since last year really seeing as that’s about the time Fysh started being able to verbalise what he wants and realizing that for the most part he’ll get it…

Birthday party themes. You know what I’m talking about right? We go through half a dozen different themes in the months leading up to the big day. He wants this and mummy wants that then he wants something else entirely. It’s a pinterest board nightmare I tell you!

This year we were going to do an angry birds but now I’m thinking of doing something else (I have a problem where one particular person always ends up copying the theme I pick). Maybe pirates or sailors seeing as he likes boats or monsters or a comic book superhero party (leaning towards this one at the moment – capes, masks, kapow!).

What does he want? Ben10 and spiderman and batman and wreck it Ralph and where’s wally and scooby doo and as of yesterday (thanks to his uncle) a paintball party as well.

I could always skip a party all together this year; simply send cupcakes to school but where is the fun in that? Plus he KNOWS he gets a party and every cake I bake he asks if it’s for his party. If all goes well we might not be here for his actual birthday this year so we’ll probably have it early but have it we shall. Now just to figure out what to do exactly…

I got a stunning little one man picnic hamper “save the date” from Aspen Pharmacy this morning for their #InfacareGold3 campaign, no idea what it’s about but we’ll find out on the 12th of March I guess.

Anyway, I LOVE the picnic hamper that the picnic company delivered and am now thinking that whatever theme we decide on this year it will revolve around a picnic in the park. Easy enough to print a few printables for the picnic foods last minute. That way I don’t have to freak out too much and Fysh has at least until the week before his party to decide what he wants.

What party theme have you got planned for this year? Share ideas… I love ideas! I want this year to be sort of perfect and I just can’t seem to find a theme that screams “pick me pick me” just yet.


8 thoughts on “party theme terrors

  1. I just saw all the pirate stuff you pinned and it is awesome! I would do that next year but one of my friends is doing it for her girl so wont. Yes, I have already started thinking about next years. haha. I start with the brainwashing early – so there is no swopping. Last year every time I saw a rainbow – I reminded her that her party was going to be rainbows – werent they awesome.

  2. I’ve been lucky that the theme I suggest each year sticks till the actual day…this year it’s going to be a Bug Party! When my 4 year old does come up with another idea, I just show him the pictures of bug party ideas he’s already chosen and he goes straight back to the bugs. :)

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