your fears

This is easy one really, thanks to years of therapy questions like this are almost rehearsed already.

Achluophobia- Fear of darkness.
I’m not kidding you with this one, I sleep with a nightlight on and music playing. Unless I’m really drunk there is NO way I can fall asleep in a dark room. I won’t even walk down a dark passage unless there is no other choice and then I do it at a pace that would put a cheetah to shame.
Affect Phobia – Fear of Feelings.
I am really afraid of these, ever since going off my meds they’re back. And they’re scary and I don’t always know what to do with them.
Monophobia Fear of being alone.
I like being with myself, I’m awesome company, but I wouldn’t mind the company of someone else when I’m old and grey and Fysh is off travelling the world.
Gamophobia – Fear of marriage.
I’m all for relationships and so on but the actual marriage part? Yeah… not happening thank you.
Achondroplasiaphobia – fear of Midgets/dwarves/little people.
I’m not kidding you at all. This is a full on phobia for me, worse than my fear of the dark. I completely freak out. I have NO idea why though and my therapist could never pinpoint it either.

Those are my big fears. Then of course I have silly little things like spiders and creepy crawlies – not afraid of them but I will give out a girlish squeak and squash em if I see them. Things such as heights make my legs wobble and small spaces make me freak out and rooms where all the windows and doors are closed. The sound of chalk on a board, wool on your teeth or goldilocks being cut with a knife and walking under a ladder or opening an umbrella in the house.

Am sure I have quite a few more but those ones come to mind right now…


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