I actually did

So it turns out that most of my friends and family thought I was going to bail out but I did it, I actually friggin did it! I might not have millions or even cents to donate but I did donate 20cm of hair towards a wig for a cancer survivor.


While it was being cut I’ll admit I was bordering tears and regret thinking I have really gone off the deep end. But once it was cut and I was about to leave a gentleman approached me and quietly thanked me for the support and for throwing social vanity to the wind, turns out he has had brain cancer his entire life, they have removed what they can over the years but thats all they can do. If I wasn’t sure of what I did that really clinched it for me.

To all those who have survived cancer, I salute you.
Fuck cancer.


12 thoughts on “I actually did

  1. Congratulations! It was so lovely that there was someone there who could show you what your action meant, I know that I would probably need that! And I haven’t forgotten about the beanie I promised you, I will be starting it tonight :) things have been pretty hectic the last week!

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